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Converge Dental emphasizes patient-centric best practices and techniques that positively impact the bottom line and drive profitability.

Our coaching enables your practice to recapture lost revenue by empowering each member of your team with knowledge that improves the outcome of every patient interaction.


Our model is centered around the patient lifecycle and views every point of customer interaction as an opportunity to measure and improve the experience.  We have identified key touch points and how to optimize the patient experience through best practices, measurements and tools. Our coaching builds awareness within each member of your practice of how clear communication and positive interactions create long lasting relationships that grow the practice.


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Key Practice Capabilities

Key Practice Capabilities

We Deliver...


Dental Practice Transformation With Personalized & Team Coaching

3 Steps To Increase Patient Care & Profits

for modern dental practices


Fix broken and non-existent processes by implementing proven best practices


Track processes by measuring against key performance indicators 


Use analytics to provide new insights to business decision making

Where People, Practice & Profit Meet

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