The key to an exciting and thriving career and business performance is commitment to continuous personal and team development. At Converge Dental we are committed to helping you advance your education, career & business by providing courses remotely and/or on-site. 

Choosing An Ideal Place Of Employment

When its time to find a place of employment, its imperative to take time to reflect and identify the best fit for personal & professional growth and contributing values to the practice. This course will outline the difference in structure of dental practices, help clarify the best fit based on practice structure preference, personal core values, strengths and weaknesses. It will guide to empower candidates to interview potential employers to clarify office culture, practice philosophy and expectations. Furthermore, it will help with understanding and negotiating the compensation package.



Creating Brand Ambassadors Through Experience

Brand Ambassadors are customers who are extremely satisfied and loyal to the company. They are more than willing to share their brand loyalty with others. Brand ambassadors are ultimately created by repeatedly exceeding customer’s expectations and creating enthusiasm.

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is an approach that focuses on the quality of interaction with customers throughout the entire customer journey. CEM focuses on creating memorable experiences and lifelong brand ambassadors.  Creating an exceptional experience begins with understanding consumer mindset, thought process and emotions.

Maximizing Your Restorative Dental Partnership

Exceptional customer experience from an initial point of contact to retaining lifelong loyal customers is a result of a team effort: team that emphasizes trust-based relationships, acts as patient advocates, and promote dentistry as restorative dental partners. This course will outline the importance of open communication, empathy, and productive conversations. Learn how to communicate opportunities based on patient needs, wants and desires and set the stage for the doctor as solution provider.

Basics Of Business & Team Contribution To Practice Growth

Transparent leadership is the key to fostering a culture of trust between leaders and their employees. In a transparent work environment, employees understand company vision and mission and how their efforts help achieve company-wide goals. It further engages the team to work together. This course will outline the importance of understanding practice overall goals, vision and mission. Understanding key practice indicators and how each team member contributes to overall practice performance.

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